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January 2013


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It is a business that started in the 4th millennium BC in China. The culture of eating and drinking is already significant during the years of Old Egypt. The first Hotels and Inns were built in ancient Greece that provides Catering Services with a common practice of hospitality which is always free.

This service grows and continued in the Roman Empire. It was greatly influenced by the church in the later part of the middle Ages. The establishment of new political economy and the flourishing trade of natural economy that is being replaced by money, all contributed to the popularity of catering industry. It was during the 14 to 15th century when the   catering industry was widely spread in Germany. Then in the 20th century the catering industry was already known all over the World.

The Catering Industry has the so called “Caterer” the one providing the service and the “Client” the one being enjoying the service.

Nowadays, it is a business where you can contact and seek for the companies to offer you a service which has a proud history tradition, good food delicacy and the common practice of hospitality. Catering industry at present days is mostly seen in special occasions and events such as Wedding, Birthdays, Baptismal, personal parties, special meetings, Seminars and in any times when it is needed for convenience. The Industry has a Buffet Style of service where in   the guests can easily choose what they want to eat. It is hassle free on the part of the clients because they don’t have to worry about the goods, supplies, equipments especially place set-up that will be use in the occasion .The caterer will already provide everything once the arrangement between the caterer and the client was done.  Such Industries are improving and developing all the aspects of their business service to give the client’s satisfaction and enjoyment as well as for the guests whom can become their next clients.

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